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Outstanding Mayor

Unionized workers join Raymundo Martínez’s efforts to bring Toluca to life / @RaymundoMC @TolucaGob >>>

#Toluca, #Edoméx.- The Mayor of Toluca, Raymundo Martínez Carbajal, headed a meeting today with Juan Gabriel Garduño López, secretary of the Single Union of Workers of the Powers, Municipalities and Decentralized Institutions of the State of México (SUTEYM) Toluca Section, with whom he agreed to strengthen coordination among workers to improve services for the people of Toluca.

In the private meeting, the union leader apologized to the mayor for the events that took place last March 1st, when the arrest of a worker linked to an alleged theft of lighting fixtures, led to an altercation at the gates of the City Hall between union members and members of the Municipal Police.

In this regard, Garduño López recognized the work of the members of the General Directorate of Security and Protection of Toluca, while pledging to join the efforts of the mayor to improve the performance of the police, in order to provide greater security in the capital of the State of Mexico.

On behalf of the union members, the union leader expressed his willingness to continue working closely with the mayor, while thanking him for having kept his word to pay his salary and benefits on time, since the beginning of his government.

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