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Infrastructure Plan of this administration, realistic and close to the people: Nuño Lara / @jorgenunol @SICT_mx >>>

#SICT.- The Secretary of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT), Jorge Nuño Lara, stated that the Infrastructure Plan “sought to be realistic and very close to the people” and by the end of this administration will have completed more than 500 works, including road, rail and airport projects of great importance for passenger and cargo transportation.

«This represents an investment of more than 400 billion pesos, which translates into 1.5 points of the Gross Domestic Product. The benefits are palpable for more than 29 million inhabitants,” he said.

During the inauguration of the XXIV National Meeting of the Mexican Association of Roadway Engineering (AMIVTAC), Nuño Lara said that during the time he has had the privilege of heading the SICT, “the challenges have been great, but they have never exceeded our commitment and dedication.”

Accompanied by the president of AMIVTAC, Salvador Fernández Ayala, and by the undersecretary of Infrastructure, Jesús Felipe Verdugo López, the head of the SICT mentioned that work is being done on 30 highways that will connect close to 19 million inhabitants, 25 of which are already in operation, some of these were reactivated or concluded in this administration due to the fact that previous governments had left work unfinished.

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