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Mayor JM Unánue supervises rehabilitation works of Prosperidad Park in Las Vegas II / @JM_UNANUE @_BocadelRio >>>

#BocaDelRío, #Ver.- This Monday morning, the mayor of Boca del Río, Juan Manuel Unánue Abascal, supervised the progress of the rehabilitation work of the Prosperidad Park in Las Vegas II, accompanied by his work team, as well as residents of the area.

He reiterated that his government keeps working every day to improve public spaces in the city.

«I supervised the rehabilitation work of the Prosperidad Park in Las Vegas II, where work is being done on painting, repairing the multifunctional court, placing benches, tables, trash cans, children’s games and new lighting.

«We have been doing this so far this year. In the coming days we will continue with the same dynamic of touring the different points where different types of rehabilitation and general works are being carried out,” said the mayor.

It is worth mentioning that the rehabilitation of two roads in the Las Vegas subdivision is also being carried out, which will allow an adequate mobility for those who live in that area and for those who pass through it.

During his visit to this part of the city, Unánue Abascal personally attended to several citizen requests, in addition to receiving congratulations from the neighbors because one of their requests is underway and will benefit both children and adults.

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