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Issste acquires new crematory furnace for Mexico City funeral home / @BerthaAlcalde @ISSSTE_mx >>>

#ISSSTE.- After 17 years of not receiving renovations, the Tlalpan crematory No. 1 of the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (Issste) in Mexico City has a new crematorium with two incineration chambers, which will allow for the expansion of services, providing approximately 1,600 services per year to dignify this service that is accessible to the entire population, whether or not they are entitled or not, informed the general director, Bertha Alcalde Luján.

While supervising the improvement works of the institute’s wake room, the director highlighted that these actions are part of the process of strengthening Issste’s infrastructure, since, apart from the oven, the furniture was renewed to improve the facilities and support all the people who are going through a vulnerable moment.

She highlighted the work of those who work in this space, for providing humanistic attention and that, in addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they were of vital importance to guarantee social security in Mexico City.

He explained that, as a result of the health emergency, the internal structure of the crematorium was damaged. For this reason, two rehabilitations were carried out: reconstruction of the refractory partition wall and patches to the boiler, first in March 2020 and then in February 2022.

Of the three funeral parlors that Issste has in the country’s capital, he said, the one in Tlalpan is the only one with a crematorium; therefore, the other two channel cremation services.

In view of this, and thanks to the coordination between the Administration and Finance Department and the Economic, Social and Cultural Benefits Department, the cremation oven with two chambers was acquired for an amount of three million 60 thousand pesos, he pointed out.

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