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Government of the State of Mexico promotes protection of labor rights of journalists and activists / @Edomex >>>

#EstadoDeMéxico.– The Legal Counsel and the Secretary of Labor of the State of Mexico signed an inter-institutional agreement with the objective of joining efforts for training, dissemination and defense of the labor rights of journalists and human rights defenders.

The Legal Counselor, Jesús George Zamora assured that in compliance with the instruction of Governor Delfina Gómez Álvarez, prevention mechanisms are strengthened so that the work environment of these sectors is dignified and free of violence of any kind.

«Articulate the efforts of all the institutions of the Government of the State of Mexico because that has been the instruction of our Governor so that we fulfill all the purposes of society, in this case for the journalistic sector and for the Human Rights Defenders», indicated George Zamora.

«Through the Labor Defense Attorney’s Office, through its ombudsmen, we can establish counseling, guidance, training, dissemination of labor rights among journalists, but also raise awareness among the journalists’ employers and that is the part that is so important to strengthen the work,» he added.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Labor, Norberto Morales Poblete committed to provide attention, protection and labor counseling to the union, in addition to managing social security for journalists, who he assured must exercise a free journalism.

«We declare ourselves your defenders, your direct defenders in all labor matters; we will be very attentive to ensure that you obtain the benefits that the law establishes in a labor relationship. In order to guarantee that you continue to be the essence that transmits the truth, the essence that transmits freedom of expression, informed and aware; today we need media, journalists who have the guarantee that their opinion will be respected», emphasized Morales Poblete.

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