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Governor of Queretaro inaugurates the Values Cup of the State Council Against Addictions / @makugo @gobqro >>>

#EstadoDeQuerétaro.- The head of the Executive Branch, Mauricio Kuri González, inaugurated the Men’s and Women’s «Values Cup» Tournament of the State Council Against Addictions (CECA) at the Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez Sports Unit, in which 128 people in treatment at Rehabilitation Centers are participating.

Mauricio Kuri said he was proud to preside over an event where the values that identify the people of Querétaro are highlighted. In this sense, he affirmed that the «Values Cup» -in its volleyball discipline- represents more than a competition, it is a symbol of commitment to health, the strengthening of the social fabric, family unity and, above all, with the courage of those who fight against addictions. In it, he said, union, hope and strength of spirit are celebrated.

«The fact that you are here, the fact that you are here ready to be in a sports competition and to be working day by day with your addiction, is really for you to write a book of your story and to fall in love with your story. Nothing and no one knows what you have gone through and what your families have gone through. That is why I congratulate you for making the decision to be able to rebuild your life, to reconquer your mind and to reconquer your life,» he emphasized.

He said that each participant in this tournament is an example of self-improvement that demonstrates their strength and determination in facing conflicts and personal challenges and daring to seek a fuller life. He added that sports unites and strengthens, builds healthy bodies and minds, but also provides the opportunity to share experiences as a family and strive for positive goals.

The Governor said that they are not alone in their journey, and that his administration is here to support them, to celebrate their achievements and to give them the strength they need to move forward. He indicated that here we celebrate the hope and resilience of those who are working for a better future.

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